Hanna Magnetic mini stirrer (12VDC)

Hanna Magnetic mini stirrer (12VDC)


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Κωδικός: HANNA-HI190M-0 Κατηγορία: Brand:

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Magnetic Mini Stirrer with Speedsafe


The HI-190M-0 is a compact and lightweight mini magnetic stirrer with plastic cover and can stir up to 1 litre. The compact design ensures that lack of laboratory bench space is no longer a concern.

The internal Speedsafe™ mechanism ensures that the maximum speed of 1000 rpm is never exceeded.

Key features

  • The compact size of these stirrers allow users to maximise bench space for efficiency and safety
  • The Speedsafe™ function limits the maximum speed to 1000 rpm even if a load is suddenly removed
  • ABS housing to resist the most harmful chemicals in the lab


Supplied with

  • ABS cover
  • Micro stir bar
  • Instructions
  • 12VDC Power Supply


Βάρος 1 kg