Jebao wifi Doser 2,4

Jebao wifi Doser 2,4


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Jebao Wi-Fi DOSING PUMP Doser 3.4, Doser 2.4, Doser 3.1, New Arrival!!

Jebao Wi-Fi dosing pump is a modern product which enables to add different kinds of nutrition liquids in certain time and portion automatically. It comes with 4 Channels with WiFi Function you can intelligent control the Dosing liquid, support Android and IOS system, download the App “Jebao Aqua” to be an expert doser now!

Before operating correctly, please read the manual carefully.

(All copyrights of these pictures and user manual are authorized by Jebao and belong to Guangzhou Yuyou Aquarium Ltd, please do not copy and plagiarism without permission.)


Product Specification


Model Voltage(V) Flow(ml/min) Max Height (m) Watts(W)
DOSER 3.4 12 50 1.5 6
DOSER 2.4 12 50 1.5 7.5
DOSER 3.1 12 50 1.5 3


4 channels Redstar pipe/hose/tube Holder

  • Connect 4 tubing: L 9.0 x W 2.0 CM

Mount maximum glass thickness 19MM, Fit for outer Diameter pipe /tube 8MM


Βάρος 1 kg