Maxspect Jump DC pump 6 – circulation pump w/controller (~6000L/H, ~70W)

Maxspect Jump DC pump 6 – circulation pump w/controller (~6000L/H, ~70W)


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Maxspect JUMP DC pump 6k 


The Maxspect Jump DC pump is a powerful and versatile DC pump. Its sleek and elegant design is ideal for installation in most technical sump without taking up much space.


Thanks to the sinusoidal wave technology, the operation of the Jump DC pump is almost silent and offers remarkable performance.




The Maxspect Jump controller has 4 buttons that offer several features, such as flow selection, flow adjustment and a feed mode



  • Flow selection
    The constant flow mode for use as return pump or the pulsation mode for use as pulsing pump.
  • Flow adjustment
    15 differentflow rates
  • Feed mode
    3 different durations: 10, 20 or 30 minutes

The Jump DC pump can be used for seawater and freshwater aquariums.




Technical Specification


  • MaxFlow 6,000L/H
  • Voltage DC24V,4A
  • Rate/Power up to 70W
  • Flowhead 4.5m
  • Dimensions 177x93x78mm
  • Weight (PumpUnit) 1.05kg/2.3lbs
  • Couplings 26mm/1″,32mm/1.25″



Βάρος 3 kg