Prodibio BIO KIT REEF 30 Vials

Prodibio BIO KIT REEF 30 Vials


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Prodibio Bio Kit Reef combienes in one pack all of Prodibios products to care for your reef tank.
Bio Digest digests organic waste and clears the water by reducing nitrates and phosphates.
Bioptim avoids trace-elements and micro-nutrients deficiencies, speeds up the work of purifying bacteria and the production of enzymes needed to remove waste from the aquarium.
Reef Booster nutritive complements for corals provides a range of essential enriched nutritive elements. It favours the development of invertebrates, including hard corals for which a supplement of micro-plankton is neccessary. It nourishes and maintains the bacteria on living stones.
Iodi+ helps corals adapt to lighting variations, stabilise their coloring. By neutralising excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae in the case of excessive lighting and helps fight whitening. One ampoule of Iodi+ contains 76 mg of iodine
Stronti+ provides Strontium, an essential element that stimulates the growth of hard corlas and clams and the production of red calcareous and encrusting algae that transform the decor into live rocks. One ampoule of Stronti+ contains 130 mg of Strontium.

The prodibio Bio Kit Reef contains 5 ampoules of Bio Digest, Bioptim, Reef Booster, Iodi+ and 10 ampoules of Stronti+.
Dosage: add every week one ampoule of Reef Booster and Stronti+ per 400 litres of water. Add every 2 weeks one ampoule of Bio Digest for up to 1000 litres of water, one ampoule of Bioptim per 200 litres of water and one ampoule of Iodi+ per 400 litres of water.

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